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Frequently Asked Questions

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I've forgotten my password!
You can send your password to yourself from the login page. If your email address has not been supplied to the system, contact the calendar group administrator.

As a last resort, send email to help@huntcal.com and include your group ID and calendar ID.

How can I change my password?
There are two types of passwords, a group administrator password and a group member password. The group administrator can change the administrator password from the "Group Administration" page. If you are logged in as a group member, click the "Profile" button, which allows you to change your password, email address and name. The group administrator can also change group member passwords.
How can I allow anyone to view my calendar, but require team members to log in to add/change events?
From the Group Administration page, establish usernames and passwords for group members. From the Calendar Administration page establish permissions:
- allow anyone to view the calendar,
- allow only group members to add, change and delete events.
Also, consider hiding editing buttons from non-group members. See the next question for details.
How can I hide all editing buttons for my calendar?
If several people view the calendar, but only a few people post events, create a "read-only" view of your calendar by adding ?vm=r to the end of your calendar's URL. For example, if the location of your calendar is
the "read-only" version of this is
Can I embed the calendar within a page on my web site?
Yes. We've made it easy to embed your calendar. See the How to Embed Your Calendar page, which is accessible from the Calendar Administration page. This page offers the ability to select options for embedding your calendar within a page on your web site. Select the size of the rectangle within your web page where the calendar should appear, select colors, borders and which calendar elements should appear. The resulting embed code can then be copied and pasted into a page on your web site. The embedded calendar will always be up-to-date. To see how this works, use one of our sample calendars.
Can I create a calendar subscription feed for my calendar?
Yes. A subscription feed is used to transfer events from your Hunt Calendars calendar to another calendar system that supports the iCalendar standard, such as Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar (ical).
View the iCalendar Subscription Feed page for details.
How can I receive notification when an event is added to my calendar?
From the Notification section of the Calendar Administrati on page, enter the email address of the person who should be notified when an event is added, changed or deleted. More information is here.
How can I post events that are visible only to me?
From the Calendar Administration page, check the "Allow private events" checkbox in the "Private events" section. Once this feature is enabled, events can be marked private from the event posting page. Private events are visible only to the event owner and the group administrator. You must be logged in to post and view private events.
Where do I go to pay for my calendar?
Calendar account status and payment information is accessible at the top of the "Group Administration" page. If you started a 30 day free trial, click the Create Account link at the top right of the page. To renew your account, click the Renew Account link at the top right of the page. Go here for pricing information.
How can I cancel my account?
If you started a 30-day free trial and you don't wish to use our services, you can do nothing and your calendar data will be deleted. You can ignore the email notifications about creating an account.

If you have created an account and made at least one payment, click the Cancel Account link at the top right of the "Group Administration" page.

How can I add color to my events?
From the Calendar Administration page, click the Manage Categories button to create event categories. You can assign a color to each category. When an event is posted, a category can be selected. From the Calendar Administration page, you can elect to display the category name and/or color. If you select "color", a small square filled with the category color will be displayed with the event.

From the Calendar Administration page, you can also enable the Event Editor option, which allows you to add color to event descriptions.

How can I add an event?
There are two ways to add an event: Select the "Add Event" button at the top of the page or select a day (number) from the calendar. If the calendar you're viewing doesn't include an "Add Event" button, you should contact the calendar owner or group administrator and ask for a member username and password.
How can I change an event?
Select the small pencil icon Edit Event at the far right of the event display.
How can I delete an event?
Select the Edit Event icon at the right of the event display, then click the "Delete Event" button at the top right.
I don't want past events to be displayed. How can I do this?
The calendar owner or the group administrator can set the "Past Events" option to "Hide" from the "Calendar Admininistration" page. This can also be done dynamically using the "pe" URL parameter as described below.
How can I create a calendar?
The group administrator determines who has permission to create group calendars. The group administrator can add calendars via the "Create Calendar" button near the top of the Group Administration page.

If you're just getting started, you can start a 30-day free trial and create one or more calendars.
How can I delete a calendar?
The group administrator can delete group calendars from the "Group Administration" page. Select the calendar from the Group Calendars list and click the "Delete" button.
When I log in, the calendar always shows events for the same month.
Remove the date information from the URL you are using to access the calendar. For example, the URL for your calendar may look something like this:
Remove the date information (shown in bold above):
The date information includes the "m", "yr" and "d" attributes and values. If the information is removed, the system will display events for the current month.
How do I get the calendar icon on my desktop?
1. Go to your calendar. Make sure the web address doesn't include date information, such as "m=11;d=1;yr=2016". The web address of your calendar is always accessible from the top of the "Calendar Administration" page.
2. Make sure you can see your desktop behind the web browser window. You may need to resize the web browser window.
3. At the top of your web browser, find the icon that appears to the left of the web address. Click and drag the icon to your desktop.
I have multiple calendars. I want to create groups of people so some people have the ability to add and change events on one calendar but not on another calendar.
You may need to create a calendar group for each calendar. This gives you more control over permissions. If you would like to go this route, create the new groups and we will move the calendars for you. This will change the URL for the calendars that are moved. You can create new groups the same way you created your current group: start a 30-day free trial.

You could also consider changing the calendar permissions to allow only the calendar owner to add and change events. From the Calendar Administration page the group administrator can change the calendar owner. This implies that everyone who will add, change and delete events will share the same ID and password. If you can trust the people using the calendar, this may work for you. It will also save the cost of creating additional groups.

How can I change my calendar colors?
The calendar owner or the group administrator can change the background color, the color scheme and the next/previous month controls from the "Calendar Administration" page.
How can I change the calendar title?
The calendar owner or the group administrator can change the calendar title from the "Calendar Administration" page.
Can I change my group ID or calendar ID?
If you haven't entered many events yet, you can delete the calendar and create a new one from the Group Administration page. We can also change the group ID and calendar IDs for you. Just let us know the current IDs and the new IDs you would like to use. Changing the IDs will also change the URLs for your calendars, since the group ID and calendar ID are used to construct calendar URLs. If you would like to coordinate the change, let us know when you would like the change to occur.
Can I change the calendar display by altering the URL?
Several URL parameters are available to dynamically change the display of the calendar. For complete information, view the URL Parameters Guide.
Here are a few examples. The parameters are added to the end of the URL and begin with ?:
I'm not receiving email reminders. However, I have received email messages stating that messages cannot be delivered.
If you're not receiving email reminders, first make sure the reminders are set to be sent in the future. If, for example, your reminder was set up to be delivered yesterday, you won't receive it. Also make sure your mail program isn't blocking messages sent from reminders@huntcal.com. It may help to add reminders@huntcal.com to your Contact List. Email reminder messages may be incorrectly identified and end up in your Junk/Spam folder.
How can I get background colors and category box colors to show up when I print my calendar?
Most Web browsers don't print background colors by default. You will need to change this option from within your Web browser settings.

If you're using Internet Explorer on a PC, from the "Tools" menu select "Internet Options", select the "Advanced" tab. Select the "Print background colors and images" checkbox under the "Printing" heading.

If you're using Firefox, select "Page Setup" from the "File" menu. Check the "Print Background" box.

If you're using a Mac, select File/Print. This print background colors option is accessible from the print options for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. You may need to click the "Show Details" button.

When I log in, what does "Remember my username & password" mean?

If you check the "Keep me logged in" box, you won't have to log in each time you come back. However, we may ask you to re-enter your password if you've been away from your computer for a long time or you use a different computer or web browser.

If you use a shared computer (in a library, university, or other common area), or you want to make sure others cannot access your calendar from your computer, do not check the "Keep me logged in" box, and always log out at the end of each session.

The system "remembers" your information using "cookies". Your username and password are not stored in the cookie. The system stores an identifier that can be used to locate your web browser session information. If you disable "cookies", or use another web browser or another computer, the system will not be able to "remember" your session information. Learn more about cookies.

How can I add an event to two calendars at once?
If there is more than one calendar in your group, the "Add Event" page has a field near the bottom where you can enter the ID of the other calendar. When you submit the event, the event information is also added to the other calendar. The event can only be copied to another calendar within the same group.
How can I determine the calendar ID and group ID of my calendar?
If the URL (location) of your calendar looks something like this:
the word that follows "view/" is the group ID.
For the example above, the group ID is "BaseballFans". The calendar ID is "swingers".
The calendar ID is also displayed at the top of the "Calendar Administration" page.
How can I restrict access to my calendar?
From the Calendar Administration page, the calendar owner can specify who can view, add, change or delete events: anyone, only group members or only the calendar owner. The group administrator can create group member usernames and passwords from the Group Administration page.
Are event types supported? I'd like to categorize my events.
The calendar owner can create a list of event categories. A color can optionally be associated with each category. When an event is posted, the viewer can select from the list of categories to specify the event type. Event category names/colors are displayed in a column to the left of the event description. For more information, visit the features page.
How often is the calendar data backed up?
All calendar data is backed up daily. If you've messed up your calendar, we can restore it.
How can I back up my calendar data to my computer?
An iCalendar export option is supported. This option must be enabled from the Calendar Administration page. Once enabled, multiple events can be downloaded from the Advanced View page: select a date range, select the "Export" check box, and click "Submit". You can save the resulting .ics file to your computer and import the file to another calendar system, such as MS Outlook or Apple's iCal.
How long are calendar events saved? Are past events deleted?
All events for active calendars are always accessible. If you have elected not to show past events from the Calendar Administration page, the events are still accessible; they can be viewed using the "pe=s" URL parameter. For more information, view the URL Parameters Guide.

If your account is canceled due to non-payment, your calendar data is archived. After 30 days the archived calendar data is deleted.

Can I use SSL to encrypt all communication with the calendar server? I'm concerned about the security of my password and event information.
Yes. Access your calendar using https rather than http. For example, if the URL for your calendar is:
the secure version of the URL would be:
How can I create and manage an email list for sending reminders?
Email lists can be created and managed by selecting the "Manage Email Lists" button from the Calendar Administration page. For more information, visit the features page.
How can I send email notification whenever an event is added or changed?
The Calendar Administration page has a notification feature.

There are also normal email reminders. When an event is created or changed, two reminders can be set up to send email before the event. Check the box labeled "Check this box to send a reminder now" to also send a reminder immediately.

Can we customize the look of the email reminders that get sent out?
The system doesn't currently support the ability to interactively edit the email reminders. We can customize the reminders template for you though. If you only want to replace the Hunt Calendars graphic with your own, that should take 20-30 minutes. Just send the image as an email attachment to sales@huntcal.com. Also include your group ID. If additional formatting/layout changes are required, you can send a sample email message to us and we'll update the template to match your layout.

If you elect to send email reminders as HTML, the system sends both HTML and plain text versions of the message. If the recipient is able and willing to receive HTML email, he will see the HTML message, otherwise he will see the plain text version. This option is set from the Calendar Administration page. Therefore, if you need additional layout or content changes, both version will need to be updated.

We charge $85/hour for customizations. After you provide the requirements for the customization, we will give you an estimate. You will be billed after the customization has been completed. You will be able to test the customization before you pay. We will create an invoice and accept online payment by credit card.

When I upload a new image for my custom header, the old image keeps appearing?
The problem might be that your Web browser is retrieving the header image from the browser's "cache", where the image is stored on your computer for quick retrieval. Here are instructions for clearing your browser's cache.
How can I display event times using military/24-hour time?
An option is available from the Calendar Administration page that allows you to select military/24-hour time notation. For example, 1:00 PM will be shown as 13:00 using military/24-hour time.