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Sample Calendars

Customer Calendars

Here are a few real calendars that demonstrate the diverse styles and flexibility of the Hunt Calendars system:

Sample Calendars to "experiment with"

Experiment with calendar We created the calendars below to allow you to experiment with the system. The flexibility of the calendar system is demonstrated by the alternate views listed below each calendar. The alternate views are accomplished by modifying the calendar's URL. For more information, view the URL Parameters Guide. Some of these calendars also demonstrate the system's powerful search capabilities available from the Advanced View.

In order to add events and access the administrative interfaces for the sample calendars, use the following username and password:

The sample calendars are intended to demonstrate the capabilities of the Hunt Calendars system. They are fully functional — you can:
  • add, change and delete events
  • view and make changes to:
    • the Calendar Administration page,
    • the Group Administration page,
    • the Customization page
  • manage event categories and email lists (from the Calendar Administration page)
Note: Since the sample calendars allow event deletions and other unpredictable behavior, we've set them up to be "refreshed" on a regular basis. So you may make a change that disappears after a few minutes.