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Match your website's look and feel

Embed Your Calendar

It's easy to embed your calendar within a page on your website. We offer an interactive tool to control how your embedded calendar will look. Select from the options, generate the embed code, then copy and paste it into your web page. The tool is accessible from your Calendar Administration page. Look for How to Embed This Calendar.

Custom Calendar Views

Use URL parameters to control the display of your calendar. Here are just a few of the available options:
  • Remove the header, footer, navigation controls, editing buttons
  • specify the range of event dates to include
  • show only events that have been assigned a given category
  • change the layout style: list or grid
  • change the background color
  • change the color scheme
  • change the width of the event list

For a complete list of URL parameter options, go here.

The event list below is a list of events for the next 30 days from one of our sample calendars. The header, footer and all editing and navigation controls have been removed. The calendar is embedded using an iframe.

Custom Header/Footer

Easily replace the Hunt Calendars branding with your own. All calendars within your group will share the customizations.

Find the customization level that matches your level of expertise and use the intuitive interface to customize the top (header) and bottom (footer) of the page. You can also elect to have no header or footer, which is useful if you embed the calendar within a page on your website.

Customization Levels
Basic The basic level provides a simple interface that allows you to replace the Hunt Calendars header with your own. Upload an image file that will appear at the top of all pages. You can also provide a link for the image, and specify the header background color, and vertical and horizontal alignment of the image. The Hunt Calendars footer will not be shown. This level can be used to place your logo at the top of every calendar, linked to your website.
Advanced The advanced level provides more controls for specifying how to format the headers and footers. You can upload two images for the header area and two images for the footer area. Each image can be linked to a URL that you provide. Background colors and vertical and horizontal alignment can also be specified for each area.
Webmaster The webmaster level offers complete control for designing your headers and footers. You can upload two HTML files, one for the header area and one for the footer area. Up to eight image files can also be uploaded. If you're comfortable creating your own HTML, this level offers the ultimate in flexibility.
Sample calendar with custom header/footer
Sample customized calendar