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Customer Testimonials

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Thanks for all you do, we are big fans of your service and tell as many potential customers as possible. Keep up the great work (and fair prices).

Kevin Hart
Mr. Video Productions

Hunt Calendars is my most indispensable daily tool and I do refer people to your service as its the easiest calendar to view and use.

Arthur Niederfringer

You have given me several years of great and quick service anytime I've needed it and a very convenient calendar setup that has helped my practice go much smoother. One doesn't always find good service these days, so I really appreciate it! I will refer to you when given the opportunity (already have).

Julie Dozier, MS,MA,LPC,CSAT
Wings of Hope Counseling, LLC

TC Pro-Net loves its calendar! It is a wonderful tool for our organization, and I am so glad that I found your calendar product. We have been using it for 4 years now. I looked at many calendars. None were as clear and easy-to-use as the Hunt Calendar, and the customer service has been exceptional!

Sherri Goulet
Chair, Thurston County Progressive Network (TC Pro-Net)

It's very nice working with you. We never fail to mention you to others when they ask about our calendar.

Lotus Guide

I think your tool is much better than any of the others I have seen out there and much less complicated. Since I am not a programmer it was easy to set up and your explanation pages answered most of my questions in an easy to understand way. Thanks for eliminating the techno garble.

Mark Davis
VP of Voice Services

We've literally been searching for a new web calendar for years. This is the best one I've seen, by far. I'm having a lot of fun with it!

Lenna E. Southland, Office Manager
Seafood Products Association

Your internet based Hunt Calendar program is fantastic. I don't know how many I've tried that were hard to use, didn't do what I wanted them to do, or had some other flaw. Yours is perfect in all these respects.

Furthermore, I am almost totally cyber-challenged, and your quick and easy-to-understand response to solving a problem I thought I had puts Hunt Calendar in the very top of the "Best Support" percentiles.

As a one man law office with only a part time secretary, your program became indispensable to me the first time I used it. The feature that lets selected other people add and edit events, so long as I give them a username and password, is especially helpful to the way I do business. I can actually let my best clients - whichever ones I choose - log on to the calendar and set up appointments wherever I have an opening is especially helpful to me. (So far, I have only empowered one client to do that.)

Samuel G. McKerall
Attorney at Law

Many thanks for the calendar - its exactly what I needed for my website. I had almost given up hope of finding something suitable. I needed to be able to book short periods, but all the other calendars I looked at would only book by the day - as for hotel reservations etc. So, thanks again!

Hugh Carthy, Owner, Karon Travel, Ireland

This calendar is fabulous. Why can't everyone design everything as well as you've designed this calendar and website?

Julie Zeitlin
Freelance Writer and Marketing
Nashville, TN

I have just completed my 30 day free trial and signed up for my first year. Your product has been enormously helpful to me. My primary contract agencies can access my calendar and schedule directly; contracts which previously went to my competitors when I could not be immediately reached by phone are now coming my way. Thanks and much success to you.

Dan Hamill, Ph.D.

We really appreciate both the quality of your online calendars and the level of service you have provided since we started using them. You might also like to know that because we had Sister Helen's calendar online (including both our private one with all her booking details as well as the public one) we were able to recover from Hurricane Katrina more quickly when it flooded our offices and homes in New Orleans. Our computer-based info in our offices disappeared, but the online schedule was there waiting for us.

Rose Vines
Director of Online Discourse
Death Penalty Discourse Center

Often times, when we are very busy, we forget to say "thank you" for the people and products that make our lives easier. We have been using your calendar for several months, and it has worked beautifully. It has become an important part of our daily business life and we couldn't get by without it. On the few occasions that I have had tech concerns, they are answered in a courteous and timely manner.

So "thank you" to all at Hunt Calendars. Keep up the great work.

Kim McLaughlin
Office Manager
Rentokil Pest Control
Albany, NY

I have to say I've seen many calendar applications offered on the web and the Hunt Calendars solution is by far the most bang for the buck! Also, the recurrence features implementation is superb! Keep up the good work!

Jun Heider
Sr. Systems Architect
GT Alliance, Inc.

Your product borders on the miraculous. I had it set up in 15 minutes and it looked great! I'm still in shock at how easy it was. Thank you, I think we have found a new home for our calendar!

The Ring of Truth, an Everquest Guild on the Xegony Server

Your calendar is a truly a gift! We brag about you to all of the meeting planners and web designers who come through. We're going to put a special link to HuntCal.com on our website so people know who is providing this amazing service.

Ventana del Soul - Cultural Center & Coffee House

We are in our 30 day trial and are definitely signing up for good. A little boy in our neighborhood was just diagnosed with a tumor and will be going through radiation & chemo for at least around 15 months. The community is using this calendar for people to sign up for meals to deliver to the family. It has worked wonderfully for everyone and taken a huge load of work away from the organizers of the meal deliveries! Thank you!

Melissa Graham

I want to thank you for this service. We've gotten tremendously positive feedback from our users. We previously needed biannual meetings where folks signed up for teaching commitments. Now, it's all online, and we can make changes on the fly. This has been really great.

Thank you!

Cathy Derecki, Unitarian Universalist
Fellowship of Fredericksburg

I have searched the web long and hard for a calendar that would help to expedite our team schedule and make it easier for the administrator. Hunt Calendars exceed everything I was looking for and more!

Thank you & much success.

Gregory Muhammad
Milwaukee, WI

I looked far and wide for the right price to feature ratio, and your calendar service is simply best. Thanks so much.

Glenn Bradford - massage therapy student

Hunt Calendars saves us a great deal of time in the church office and allows much of the congregation to be up-to-date on what's happening.

Jim Bowser
Interim Pastor
The First Church of the Brethren of San Diego.

I wanted Hunt Calendars to know that I love your calendar. It's simple and cost effective. As an IT person, I have been recommending you to all my clients and friends. Hope you see a jump in sales. I've been telling parents they could have kids in college get on the calendar and set dates for visits and trips so other folks in the family know what's going on.

Anyway keep up the great work.

Rad Mamori (San Antonio, TX)

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a WONDERFUL calendar you have! I absolutely love it. I just wish I'd heard about it before I'd purchased "localendar", just days before learning of your product.

The features are fantastic. I have an MSN Group, and if you're not an MSN software subscriber, you can't view/edit the group calendar. Well, I was looking for an alternative (free or paid), but none were EXACTLY what I was looking for, until your product.


I am so impressed with your prompt service; thanks a million! We are excited about our Hunt calendar system -- it has everything we need and MORE. And, I found it to be extremely user-friendly. I have used Meeting Maker & Corporate Time extensively in the corporate world and have found your system even easier to use. And to have up to 10 calendars for such a low yearly fee is fantastic.

M. Murillo
Canary Fund

I run a Neighbourhood Watch group in North London, UK and have a very basic Blog site running to keep people informed of events.

I was hunting (sic) around for an online calendar that had to be easy to use, clean, uncluttered and simple to install but was getting nowhere until I stumbled across your site.

Your service is a revelation, well done! Clean, elegant, stylish, uncluttered, intuitive and above all simple to install, everything I was looking for.

I have just dipped my toe in with a public calendar but as I get more familiar with the process I fully intend to explore your additional features in more detail.

Once again thank you for providing such a great service, I just hope your business model enables you to maintain this standard long into the future!

Anthony Newstead

As if the cool, easy to use calender wasn't enough...the support is outstanding. I had a few questions when getting setup and got answers right away! You don't get that too often these days...

Kirk M

This is an incredible service. I found it entirely by accident, by the way. I'm surprised that all my blogging friends aren't familiar with it!

Again, lovely and simple to use!

Thank you, thank you!


I really just wanted to say that you have done a really smart job on this calendar. It's so clean, and well thought out. It's also really deceivingly thorough - seems simple and clean on the surface, but it's so well thought out. Hat's off to you.

George Fulton

The view of this calendar and the format of the calendar, great...
I have searched the net for this calendar for more than 12 months.


Gatas Parlament

This is a great service you provide, especially for non-profit organizations such as CMCN. It really helps the budget to have a service such as this where we can electronically publish our annual calendar of events!

Dale R. Shafer, Director of Communications
Church Ministry Conventions Network

Your calendar, which I send to all my accounts, is the best of all the web-based calendars. It provides me with more accurate durations of events, more complete descriptions thereof, and much, much more!

Stuart Simon

Thank you so much for your kind and speedy response! I just loved getting familiar with your calendar last night; I even told all of my friends about it at work today, too. I can't believe all of the additional recurring appointment options you have added. It's PERFECT!


I just wanted to say "thank you." I have used your service for on-line calendars for two years as the calendar for classes I teach at UT Pan American. Recent changes have made the product even easier to use. I sincerely hope that exposure to the Hunt name as students visit the calendar for exam and assignment dates results in long term association of the name with quality in business support services.


This calendar has been the ultimate tool for maintaining sanity between families that share children!


Tried other calendar programs...and the Hunt Calendar has been the best yet! One of my job responsibilities is to communicate schedules for various talents in the entertainment business to a variety of individuals..your calendar has been a great tool. Keep up the good work!


Just started using Hunt calendars to share social schedules with some of my friends. The reception has been great! Nice work.


I have been using your site as a corporate calendar for a couple days now and have added a few users to the group. I think the calendar site is a wonderful tool for our company. Both employees in and out of town.


I really like this service that you guys are doing. its a really nice calendar which helps my friends and i schedule our events. its a good thing. keep it up!


Just a note to let you know we are greatful for the continued use of our calendar. It has made a world of difference in my gaming clan's level of organization. I was starting to feel like I was taking you for granted, so I thought I'd drop a line.


We have found your calendar most useful in our business environment and have found no other solution that offered us what yours has. Thanks so much.


I love how easy these calendars are to use and customize and the display is very nice.


Thank you 3xs! I am so glad I found this service. We are krazy musicians and always searching for ways to make our communications better. Once again, thanx!!!


I just set up a calendar for my church. Thanks for a nice service. We are finding it very useful!


The calendar is a life saver for us. We are even using it to report to one of the groups that gives us grants. Saves us a load of time in reporting.


I have put one of your calendars on one of my sites and it is going well. You have done a great job, it works without any problems. I will spread the word and would anticipate using the calendar on other sites.


Hey, I really like your calendar site. The site is attractive and professional. The user interface flow is very thoughful, yet flexible.


It is a very nice service you have set up. My neice is using it for family reunion scheduling and I am on the verge of using it to inform and connect a scattered community here in Maine.


Your calendar application is VERY cool. ... please keep me on your list as you develop your product. It's very attractive and easy to use.

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