iCalendar Subscription Feeds

iCalendar is an industry standard format for exchanging calendar information, and is supported by most calendar systems, including Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar (iCal) and Yahoo! Calendar. Hunt Calendars uses iCalendar for subscription feeds. It is also used for calendar exports.

The iCalendar subscription feed is used to transfer event data from your Hunt Calendars calendar to other calendar systems.

ical feed diagram
After a subscription has been established, the other calendar system will periodically request updates to refresh the calendar. Some systems, such as Apple Calendar (iCal), allow you to specify how often the refresh should occur.

To create a subscription, all you need is the subscription feed URL for your calendar. This is accessible from the Hunt Calendars Calendar Administration page. The subscription feed URL/address looks something like this:

Where YOUR_GROUP_ID is replaced with your Hunt Calendars group ID and YOUR_CALENDAR_ID is replaced with your calendar ID.

A subscription can only be established with public calendars. From the Calendar Administration page, make sure the calendar permissions allow anyone to view the calendar.

Instructions for creating a calendar subscription:

If you are using a calendar system not listed above, search their support section for "calendar subscription" or "iCalendar" or "iCal subscription" or "subscribe to other calendars".