The first step of the account creation process is to create a group, which is a collection of calendars. Pricing is based on the number of calendars created within a group. Group calendars share group attributes, such as group members and the custom header/footer.

Pay yearly and realize substantial savings. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. If desired, card payments can be automated. We will accept payment by check only if payments are made yearly and the check is from a U.S. bank.

After submitting payment information online, an invoice is generated and a confirmation email message is delivered. Invoices can be viewed online and printed. If payment is made by check, the printed invoice should accompany payment.

We do not offer a discount for non-profit organizations or educational institutions. However, we occassionally offer promotional discounts.

If you need assistance developing a custom header or footer, or if you need additional customizations, we can help. Our rate is $75/hour. Contact us for an estimate.

Calendars Paid Monthly Paid Yearly
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Note: prices are in U.S. dollars

Note: a single calendar can include events for several years. The price is not based on the number of people who access or update the calendar. There is no limit to the number of viewers or group members.

The price is not per calendar. For example, the price for 3 calendars is not 3 X $8.95 per month. The price for 3 calendars is the same as the price for 5 calendars, a total of $8.95 per month.