Calendar settings controlled from the Calendar Administration page include:
  • permissions: specify who can view and update the calendar
  • time zone
  • calendar style: list or grid
  • show or hide past events
  • e-mail reminder options: send as bcc, send as HTML
  • show only weekdays (Mon - Fri)
  • use military/24 hour time notation
  • allow private events
  • select color scheme and background color
  • select next/previous month graphical buttons
  • enable event description editor
  • Email lists can be created for sending e-mail reminders. The Manage Email Lists button launches an intuitive interface for adding, changing and deleting email lists.
  • Event Categories can be established for events. The calendar owner can create a list of event categories. A color can optionally be associated with each category. When an event is posted, the viewer can select from the list of categories to specify the event type.
Calendar Administration

This page provides a convenient method of going to your Calendar Administration page.
Enter your group ID and calendar ID:
Group ID:
Calendar ID:
A calendar is uniquely determined by its group ID and calendar ID. Both IDs are case-sensitive. If you don't know your group ID or calendar ID, they can be derived from the URL for your calendar. For example, if the URL for your calendar is:
the group ID is mygroup and the calendar ID is mycal.
To avoid the need to return to this page, consider creating a bookmark, or adding the location to your Favorites after you go to the calendar administration page.