Create Calendar Group

Since many customers create multiple calendars, a "group" is used to manage features shared by all calendars, such as custom header/footer, group member lists, etc. After creating your group, you will create your first calendar.
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Calendar Group Title:
Example: Department of Redundancy Department Calendars
Group ID: (no spaces)
The Group ID is a single word used to identify your group. The ID is case-sensitive and will be part of your calendar's web address (URL). Use only letters, numbers, dash (-) and underscore (_).
Examples:  WFUstudents    union316    centralYMCA    sales-team

Group Administrator Information
Administrator's ID: (no spaces)
The administrator's ID & password will be used to access restricted areas, such as group administration, calendar administration and account payment pages.
Note: Information entered here can be changed later from the Group Administration page.
Password again: (To ensure correct input)
A confirmation message will be sent to this email address. If you forget your ID/password, this address will be used to send you a reminder. It is also used for communicating with group members.
Your name, or the name you want to associate with the group administrator.