Calendar Ideas

Here are a few ideas for using the many features of Hunt Calendars. If you've discovered a new use, share it.
  • List who's out of the office, on vacation, travelling, etc.
  • Share meeting times and a short agenda. Send an e-mail reminder to all participants 30 minutes before the meeting. You can also send a reminder notice the day before the meeting.
  • Show project milestones and use the e-mail reminder feature to notify team members before the milestone.
  • Create a "mini" day calendar and embed it in a page on your server. Use URL parameters to limit the display to just a list of events for today.
  • Specify no header or footer for your calendar and embed it within a page on your web site.
  • Create a personal calendar and use it as your browser's start page. Create a To Do List and remove items as they're completed.
  • Create an extended family calendar and list birthdays and anniversaries. Use the repeat feature to record them for the next 10 years. Set up email reminders to be sent on the birthday/anniversary and a week before.
  • Clubs and organizations can maintain a Calendar of Events. Create a calendar group and only allow the group administrator to add and change events. Create a link from your web site to the calendar, but alter the URL by adding "?vm=r" to the end. This results in a "read-only" view of your calendar; none of the editing buttons will be displayed. See the FAQ for more information about this feature.
  • List personal goals and time activate email reminders that ask if you're on target.
  • Have you ever had a great idea that you don't want to forget? Add the idea as an event that repeats regularly (weekly or monthly) and set up email reminders. After you've acted on the idea, remove the event and add another event that shows when the idea was realized.