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Note: prices are in U.S. dollars

Create an Account

Creating a Hunt Calendars account is a 3 step process:

1. Create a group - All calendars you create will be associated with the group. You will be asked to invent a group ID. The group ID is a word used to uniquely identify your group. You will also invent a login ID and password for the group administrator. After you create the group, you will receive a confirmation message via email containing important information about the group.
2. Select payment options - Specify the number of calendars you expect to use, select to pay monthly or yearly, and specify automatic or manual payments.
3. Submit billing information - If you pay yearly, we will accept payment by check, otherwise payment must be made by credit/debit card.
If you started a 30-day free trial, you have already created a group.
Your existing calendar settings and event information will be preserved.
Continue with step 2:
Create a Group